A revolution is coming. Digital is fundamentally transforming every aspect of business. As a result, the way enterprises use cellular data and networks is rapidly evolving. The problem is, today's networks are not built for IoT (Internet of Things). Traditional networks have become a barrier, not a facilitator, of digital transformation.

The revolution is here. Expeto removes the barriers to connected business through an EPIC (Evolved Packet Core Integrated Cloud) solution. Expeto is driving the revolution through an enterprise level platform that frees everyone through secure, agile, and scalable private wireless cellular network that are simple to deploy and control.

Expeto provides the architecture that delivers unprecedented control and orchestration of private cellular (4G/LTE) networks, through a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model, but without the traditional Telco complexities.

Free yourself from the proprietary black box and enjoy the flexibility of an LTE PaaS