Expeto delivers unprecedented control, security and orchestration of private cellular (4G/LTE) networks – without the complexities, cost, and time loss by outsourcing.

Expeto offers the entire LTE/4G core network through a Platform as a Service environment for business to: 

  • Connect reliably and securely to global LTE networks
  • Cost effectively deploy solutions through IT methods
  • Limit unauthorized access to your data in the field because you control the end to end LTE data path
  • Expand corporate network security protocols to all data traffic - including LTE data
  • Protect against rogue devices and secure edge endpoints 

Enterprises large and small have the most to benefit from deploying their own, private LTE core network.  Traditional telecom networks do not provide them with a platform which scales to their needs. It is frustrating when a business has to manage the complexities and intricacies of the traditional telecom network and deploy changes based on the telco's schedule.

Expeto abstracts the network complexities and provides a RESTful interface by which service deployment is dramatically increased (and scaled). In addition, by viewing and treating the LTE network just like you would your WiFi network – simply a subnet – ALL data resides behind your firewall. In essence, Expeto creates a global intranet where there is LTE.